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IT-Governance is an important topic, especially in large organizations. In an agile and evergreen world, as it can be found with Microsoft 365 services, governance becomes an integral part which needs to be monitored and updated on a regular basis. This is where the atwork Governance Toolkit comes in to provide compliance coverage across multiple workloads and offers self-services for users.

The toolkit runs as Software-as-a-Service and automatically requests usage data from the Microsoft 365 services. The tool delivers summarized and detailed information to custom users and administrators. The service supports custom workflows such as provisioning a team or a group and to invite guest users. The toolkit ships with a bot that allows end users to easily retrieve governance data and use self-services. Try it out here.


See some features of the Governance Toolkit 365

Know about your security and governance

Organizations need to know about their security and governance within Microsoft 365. The Governance Toolkit 365 delivers data about user, licenses and groups automatically, via email, Bot and Power BI dashboards.


The Governance Toolkit supports controlled self-service processes such as working with Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) and Azure Logic Apps, Azure Automation Accounts, Azure Functions and more.

Control your business processes

Define your organization's workflows as needed, with approvals and business justification, classification, and privacy. Use Auditing and start your Microsoft Teams governance today.


See some interactive sample dashboards of the Governance Toolkit 365

The Governance Toolkit 365 collects all necessary data and delivers it for interactive visualization with Microsoft Power BI or other tools. Administrators can define their own dashboards with the extensive data. The following examples show custom reports with internal and external users, deleted items, orphaned groups, user locations in a zoomable world map, licensed users, and more. Click to enlarge.

The dashboards visualize the current data. When using Power BI, the reports can be shared with other users and allow to add subscriptions if desired. The pictures show various suggestions for custom dashboards with the governance data. The Power BI file can be downloaded and customized as needed. Also, filtering and exporting data is easy with Power BI. The tool provides a quick and appealing presentation of the relevant data at a glance.


See some sample newsletters automatically sent by the Governance Toolkit 365

To automatically inform group owners and IT administrators about non-compliant teams or groups, the Governance Toolkit 365 can send regular newsletters. The newsletters are HTML templates that can be fully customized. The toolkit takes care of collecting the tenant data and sending the newsletters to the required teams or groups. Click to enlarge.

The above examples show a newsletter that informs IT administrators that a team or group does not meet the company's compliance requirements. Not enough owners for an Office 365 group are defined here.

The next example displays a newsletter that is sent to each team owner and informs about guest users in their group. This allows the team owner to decide whether the guest users should still have access to their team. By clicking on the Membership Links guests can be removed immediately.

The newsletter system makes it easy and convenient to send information to admins automatically.


See some sample custom workflows with the Governance Toolkit 365

The Governance Toolkit 365 can be fully integrated as a part of business workflows. The workflows can be created with any workflow engine, such as Microsoft Power Automation (Flow), Azure Logic Apps, custom applications, or any other process. The API encapsulates the operations and facilitates their use by simply calling the method with the desired parameters that can be collected from Microsoft Forms, from SharePoint Online or any other user interface or user interaction. The following pictures give an impression how the API can be used with Microsoft Power Automation or with Postman to illustrate the usage from any application. Click to enlarge.

The examples above show a flow triggered by a SharePoint event when a user creates a new item in a custom list. Subsequently, some actions generate additional data, eg. For example, the tenant ID and a token to verify the request. This data is then passed to the API, which provides a new team.

The last picture shows how an API request can be sent to the API to invite a new guest user to the tenant from Postman. This sample is for developers who want to integrate the API into their own solutions.


See some sample Bot actions of the Governance Toolkit 365 in a Microsoft Teams conversation

The toolkit comes with a Bot that can be integrated in various channels, such as in Microsoft Teams. This integration allows to use the API by interacting with the Bot through commands. Simply chat with the GT365Bot to get generated data or to provision a Team or to invite a guest user. The following screenshots show some interaction with the Bot in a Teams client. Click to enlarge.

For example, to invite a guest user to your Microsoft 365 tenant, a form is shown that asks for a user name and the guest email address. This process makes it very conveniant for a user to invite external guests to collaborate in a Team. Another benefit is that that process can be fully customized with a workflow behind if desired. Also, the action, and the process is protocolled in the GT365 storage and can be audited later. The guest receives an email to join the team in your tenant.

The same applies to the deployment of a new Office 365 group or a Microsoft team. The Bot opens a form and asks for the desired parameters, such as the Team name, email address, visibility, and classification. When the user submits the form, a workflow approval process is started to the corresponding manager. If approved, the API provisions the new team and informs the user. The new team can be fully managed by the requester. In addition, processes are logged and can be audited later.


Manage the Governance Toolkit 365 online

Entitled administrators can manage the Governance Toolkit 365 online. Secured by a Microsoft 365 login, the configuration data and newsletters can be managed in the admin console as the following demos shows.

Entitled administrators get access to the web admin interface of the Governance Toolkit 365. The portal provides an overview, access to the storage and the options to define custom newsletters for customization to your organization┬┤s requirements.


The Governance Toolkit 365 is available as Software-as-a-Service and can be used instantly without any on-premises software. The service is offered with a flat subscription fee for hosting, data storage, newsletter, API and Bot service. You can try it out and register for the free trial below.

Governance Toolkit 365 SaaS

380 Euro / month


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